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We Salute You

Taking care of someone with a developmental disability requires patience and skill. As a caregiver, you know this as well as anyone does. You also know how challenging it is to help that person with oral health care. It takes planning, time, and the ability to manage physical, mental, and behavioral problems. Oral care isn't always easy, but you can make it work for you and the person you help. The Healthy Smiles Program  is designed for the patient and the caregivers. We begin by introducing new tools and techniques that are meant to facilitate more effective home care while also improving ease of care. 

Triple Bristle Brush Kit

After enrolling in the Healthy Smiles Program, you will receive a Triple Bristle Brush Kit and instructions on how to incorporate this into your daily home care routine.

Special Guests

Throughout the Healthy Smiles Program, Serena will host special guests who will share their valuable expertise and insights on a wide variety of concerns that are most often faced when caring for an individual with special needs.

Total Health

Focusing on nutritional goals is a whole-family effort. The Healthy Smiles Program will highlight some of the common nutritional risks special needs individuals may face and provide suggestions, where appropriate, on how to overcome these challenges.

Dental Concerns

Tooth decay, gum disease, malocclusion, and delayed tooth eruption are just a few of the common dental concerns of individuals with special needs.  The Healthy Smiles Program will feature dental professionals who are experienced with treating these issues.  You will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback from our Healthy Smiles Team.

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